It was an unexpected initiative. My husband and I were helping one of our friends to leave Ukraine. And then my contact very quickly went “from hand to hand”. In a week, we grew from two people into a whole organization. Not even like that, in a network of kind people around the world who were ready to help, but did not know how.

Our team are are logisticians from Poland and Germany, drivers, musicians from different countries, people around the world who are united by one desire – to help. To give a needed helping hand to those who really need it.

Many volunteer organizations are faced with the fact that their help simply does not reach the recipients, and ends up in someone else’s hands, not reaching the ones who need help. We work only with address requests and delivery. This is backed by our experience in logistics and excellent volunteers on the ground, whom we knew for many years even before the start of the war.

There are completely different people with us, and the fact that we ended up in the center of this is far from our merit, it rather belongs to those people who trust us, who came to help us from Italy, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, France.

We do not send help anywhere, we do not send unnecessary things. That’s why our volunteers in Ukrainian cities receive requests from people, the defense forces, and collect their most necessary requests. So the military will not receive diapers, and the grandmother – children’s things.

Without our friends, we would not exist. Musicians, creative people, tattoo artists, office workers, all together use their potential to the maximum. And our main task is helping the people in Ukraine to get the things they really need at the moment.

We are working with our military, helping them get and deliver ammunition, medicines, protective equipment. We work with hospitals and even get prescription medicines in bulk.

We deliver Life.