Andrew Formaniuk

Head of one of the departments of a transport company in Europe. After the war began, together with my fellow volunteers, I was actively involved in helping the army and civilians, both in Ukraine and in Poland.

Anna Gubanova

Volunteer in Kharkiv Partner organization - Cultural SHOCK. Before the war, I was an English teacher, as well as a communication coach and facilitator. Now I am a volunteer in Kharkiv at the Cultural SHOCK headquarters. I am responsible for sorting and sending medicines for the most part for the civil people in the city.


Volunteer, Kharkiv. The musician, lead singer of the band Wise Guyz, frontman of many other musical projects, traveled throughout Europe with the band, and performed in Australia. Distributes humanitarian aid and medicines in Kharkiv, to the most difficult areas.

Egor Dvortsevoy

I run Tattoo Studios in Germany. Songwriter and musician. Now - I start crowdfundings and buy all the stuff I can buy what the guys need. Sometimes it´s just clothes or medicine, sometimes it’s military gear or even really tough stuff.

Kostia Chuprin

Wroclaw. Before the war he was an electrician, now he became the coordinator and volunteer at the DC Charity Foundation. Kostia is engaged in packing and sorting of freight, sending to Ukraine, purchasing humanitarian aids.

Olesia Zakharova

Volunteer in Kharkiv. I was a director and actress, and worked as an administrator of the Neft Theater. was the curator of cultural events, including festivals "Bread. Highlands" and "Kurbas Technologies". Now I am a volunteer partner of the Cultural SHOCK organization. I help remotely in the administration of requests for help, which come to our hub and hand them over to volunteers who directly deliver food and medicine to people.

Tania Golubova

Volunteer in Kharkiv. Before the war she worked as a cultural manager: director of the independent theaters "Oil" and "Beautiful Flowers", manager of the Plan B social innovation festival and the Fake X Anti-Fake Conference. Now she is a volunteer at the partner volunteer organization Cultural SHOCK. Tania coordinates the composition, is responsible for the search and distribution of humanitarian aids.

Thomas Blendermann

My name is Thomas Blendermann and i'm a from Lüneburg/Germany. I have some friends in Ukraine and i organize some transports with humanitarian things they we are collected or buy from donates.

Vania Gubanov

My name is Vanya Gubanov, I am a volunteer in the partner organization Cultural SHOCK. Before the war, I mainly worked with my hands, and now I continue in the same spirit - I am helping to organize a warehouse and load/unload humanitarian aid. I also periodically solve third-party tasks if I can be of help. I am a volunteer because I feel that by doing this I am contributing to the victory of Ukraine, and I see how many people we are helping to survive.

Pavel Tkachenko

Driver Lviv - Kharkiv, volunteer. In the circles of volunteers - Sue. Before the war, he was an athlete-fisherman, engaged in the restoration of passenger tires together with Eric (co-driver) and before that he was engaged in real estate in Kharkiv for 10 years. Now he’s carrying humanitarian aid. Sometimes even has time to sleep 🙂 For humanitarian purposes he has already traveled 18,000 km since the beginning of the war. He was also involved in supporting cancer patients and people suffering from bronchial asthma.

Daria Chuprina

Founder of DC Charity foundation, volunteer. Before the war, I worked as a logistician, an introvert, I love nature, music and my daughter. My experience in logistics was very useful for organizing the transportation of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. We help people in the hottest spots. My mission is to take care of people. I am mainly engaged in ammunition, prescription medicines and the organization of logistic chains. We deliver assistance exactly where it is needed.

Anna Miller

Driver Lviv - Kyiv, volunteer. French restaurant manager. Anna takes people out of Kyiv and delivers humanitarian aid to Irpin and Bucha.

Artem Klobutskii

Driver Lviv - Kyiv, volunteer. Chef. Artyom takes people out of Kyiv and delivers humanitarian aid to Irpen and Bucha.

Anton “VLAS” Vlasov

Volunteer, Zaporizhia. Anton "VLAS" Vlasov, Zaporizhia volunteer headquarters "Kombat", who helped and are helping our soldiers: 114 battalion (9 companies),113 battalion (80 people), ZSU INTELLIGENCE, SKIF.

Anna Petrova

Volunteer, Wroclaw. My name is Anna. Coordinator. I keep everything in a pile. Before the war I worked in advertising, sat comfortably at the laptop and planned what to do on the weekend and where to spend the holidays. Now I do everything I can to help Ukraine: pack boxes, load cars, help in the information field. That is to say, everything that can help Ukraine and bring victory closer!