We have a very well-developed network of volunteers. Cooperating with several voluntary organizations in Ukraine to deliver the packages directly to people and upon the specific request. Our volunteers on sites make lists of necessary items, so that we are sure that we deliver what is really needed. 

In Kharkiv, we cooperate with the organization ” Cultural Shock”, which includes people of culture, musicians, and poets who have now joined their forces to support the city residents.

In Lviv , together with the public organization Front Aid, we rent a warehouse, which serves as a reloading point on the way from Europe to Ukraine.

The total number of volunteers in our organization and cooperating with us is about 300 people.

We are getting more and more requests. 

Some of the latest purchases are 30 helmets and 2 bulletproof vests, which were sent to the territorial defense units and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Our bus goes to Kharkiv once a week, and we are able to constantly provide the volunteers with food and medicine. We had also managed to raise money for two power generators for the liberated villages near Kiev.

We are renting a warehouse that our fellow volunteers can use for free.

We have raised support from over 1,000 people all over Europe and Ukraine, helped 45 families to leave the warzone, and provided assistance to much more. 

While evacuation is not our primary goal, when there appears such a request, we coordinate volunteers who are evacuating people from the border as well as from hot spots in Ukraine, we compensate for fuel costs and, in have the opportunity to organize a military convoy.